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Kato N-Scale Chicago Metra Set

Kato N-Scale Chicago Metra Set

Kato USA

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N Chicago METRA Gallery Bi-Level Commuter Train 3-Car Set (2021 Release)*


1 x Nippon Sharyo Gallery Bi-Level Coach Chicago Metra #6078

1 x Nippon Sharyo Gallery Bi-Level Coach Chicago Metra #6189

1 x Nippon Sharyo Gallery Bi-Level Cab-Coach Chicago Metra #8524

Bookcase style packaging that can hold a total of 5 Bi-Levels and 2 locomotives, either the MP36PH or F40PH

Nippon Sharyo Gallery Bi-Level Cars:
The modern Nippon Sharyo-built Gallery Bi-Level is based off of the same concept as the original Santa Fe El Capitan Bi-level design concept, whose success went on to inspire such double decker cars as Amtraks Superliners and the Bombardier Bi-Level car which is also used in commuter service. Today, gallery Bi-Level cars such as those used by the Chicago Metra commuter service can be seen operating in several states across the United States, such as Virginia and California.


Pullman Gallery Bi-Level Cars:
The Bi-Level “Gallery” commuter car continues to be a favorite design of many commuter rail agencies throughout the United States and Canada, and is still in use today on the Chicago Metra in many of their commuter operations, seen running alongside the more modern Nippon Sharyo cars. The design made its debut on the Chicago & North Western railroad for their Chicago area commuter service in the 1950s.

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