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Gas Station (IDEMITSU) TOMIX 4066 N scale by Tomytec

Gas Station (IDEMITSU) TOMIX 4066 N scale by Tomytec

Tomix / Tomytec

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Product Description TOMIX N Gage Gas Station (Idemitsu) (Tomy Tech PlaRail Model Train) Commercialization in the "IDEMITSU" new design, logo upper body-wall printed, structure high need to make the city, refueling aircraft is four medium-New and sealed inside retail packagingd stand, already printed a line of parking position, colorful by the seal specifications (user paste), seal the included self-stand and usually stand, even small parts necessary to gasoline stand included (billboards, car wash machine, etc.), with the mounting of the side road, the installation of such intersection is also possible, building lighting unit office and it can be installed in two locations of gas stations.

TOMIX Collection
PraRail Series
TOMIX N gauge 4066 gas station
New and sealed inside retail packaging
Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd. commercialization already licensed
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