We purchase Collections of any Size

We offer top prices or store credit for your collections and in most cases next-day* funding. 

We purchase standard, vintage and premium brand model train accessories and pay the most of any of our competitors. 

Our portfolio includes products from private collections and from store purchases (Where we have bought stores going out of business)  

Our collectible train buying service starts when you reach out to us via email, phone or via our Get a Quote web form. Once we have made contact, based on your unique situation and requirements, we help you decide how to sell your trains. If you are a business and interested in selling your inventory, please contact us as well, we buy closeouts and store-closing inventory all the time. Please call us, or contact us on the Business page, and we can provide an estimate and service. When we are interested in buying your collection, we will work to purchase it as quickly as possible, while maintaining the highest level of quality and customer service.  

Buy Program

How does it work

Getting a Cash Offer for your Model Trains typically involves us valuing your collection based on an inventory list and making a preliminary offer. Once we receive the collection, we will evaluate and appraise the collection and offer you a bid to purchase your collection. Unlike selling your trains via our Model Trains Consignment Service, you receive your cash up front

There are a variety of reasons that you might prefer to get a Cash Offer, although every situation is different.

What are our steps:

  • Qualify the Purchase:
    • The first thing we do is to determine if your collection is a good candidate for us to purchase.
  • Inventory the Collection: 
    • To get the process kicked off, you will typically provide Advanced Model Solutions with an inventory list of your trains. We provide an Inventory List Excel template in Excel or PDF format that shows the information we need to accurately value the collection (primarily Quantity, Manufacturer and Model Number), but we also accept (but do not encourage) hand-written lists. Typically, you will email us the filled in Excel spreadsheet (the best option), or scan and email your list to Advanced Model Solutions. If you these options don't work, you can also fax your list. In situations such as an Estate Sale or when it is not feasible for you to provide a list, in some cases Advanced Model Solutions can arrange to inventory the collection on your behalf. If it's a small collection, we will ask you to drop it off or mail it into us to be inventoried, with an agreement to ship it back to you at your expense if we cannot come to an agreement.
  • Value the Collection: 
    • Once we have made an inventory of the collection, we will send the trains through our proprietary Advanced Model Solutions valuation process, to determine the Market Value of the trains.
  • Make the Offer 
    • Based on the Market Value, Advanced Model Solutions will tender an offer for the collection.
  • Prepare the Contract: 
    • If you accept the offer, Advanced Model Solutions will write a contract for the purchase, which lists the offer amount and describes the terms of the purchase, including the payment schedule, whether the deal is to be shipped, dropped off or picked up, and any other special conditions. We will typically send a draft Purchase Agreement ahead of time, so you have time to review it. Sometimes the contract will be signed ahead of time, and sometimes it will be signed at pick-up.
  •  We Get It
    • Ship or Pick-Up the Collection: If the collection is to be shipped, we will send FedEx or UPS labels to you so that you can ship the items to Advanced Model Solutions headquarters. If Advanced Model Solutions has agreed to pick up the collection, we will place you on our pick-up schedule when our pick-up team will be in your area.
  • Sign the Paperwork
    • Execute the Contract: At the time of pick-up, Advanced Model Solutions will have you sign the contract and provide fully executed copies of the contract to you.
  • You Get Paid!
    • At the time if pick-up, we make full payment or a partial payment, depending on the payment terms we agree to. In the case of small deals that were mailed in, we typically send out the check once we have inventoried the collection.
List of Required information
Excel Worksheet
PDF Inventory Worksheet
Terms and Conditions Guarantee of Condition Guarantee of Description

How to send us your information

What collections do we buy?

What Scales do we buy?

What Regions offer in-person service?

In Person

We service the entire state of California, as well as Las Vegas, Pahrump, Phoenix, California Central Valley and San Francisco  or in-person buys.

Our expert buyers can come to you and perform inventory at your location, including boxing, wrapping and inventorying your collection

Our premier service team is standing by to help you 

Ship it to Us

Get pre-paid labels and ship your collection to us (We can even send a pallet and LTL for larger collections up to 10,000 lbs). 

 This option is preferable for collections exceeding 500lbs, or that include assembled layouts.

At a model-train show

Meet us at local model-railroad shows where we are selling or attending, and we will buy items on the spot. 

* Some exclusions apply, contact us for details 

  • Laser Hobbies

    Advanced Model Solutions bought the remaining inventory we had from our hobby store when we closed. Christine and Mary provided the best service and made us feel welcome and valued

    - Marcia Simkins

  • Hobbyist

    We sold our collection to AMS when we decided to change scales, and AMS was there for us the next day, packaged everything up and gave a check on the spot! 10/10 would do business with them again.

    - Daria McKellen

  • Las Vegas Collector

    We couldn't take our collectoin with us when we moved across the country, but Christine was there for us and she and her staff packed up everything and gave a great offer.

    - Michael D.