About Us

We are Advanced Model Solutions

At Advanced Model Solutions, we strive to provide the lowest prices and fastest shipping of any of our competitors.

Using state of the art technology to power our business, we are able to source the best deals in the industry, and pass those savings along to you.

The Mission

Having been in the technology industry for 35 years, we have seen the world transform and grow, and we are now bringing that transformation and growth to the Model Train and Hobby Industry.

In Q1 of 2023 we will be launching several new products aimed at transforming areas of the Model Train and Hobby Industry with consumer-friendly easy-to-use high-tech peripherals and enhancements, that will revolutionize the industry.


We've always had a dual Nature

Our passion, has always been technology: everything we build is centered on one fundamental question: How can we make this better? The answer is always smarter, more user-friendly software.

We are also Hobbyists and Tinkerers. We too build layouts and Dioramas, All our staff in this company has a creative streak, and we all share the same goal: How can we make it better.

Our retail business is one side of that: We make it incredibly easy to find, purchase and receive any item you are looking for. (And if we don't have it.... We can get it)

By bringing together our love for Model Trains, and our Passion for Technology, we hope to bridge the divide between the two.

Just as cars have gone from Carburetors to Fuel Injection, the Model Train industry has moved from Analog DC and AC control to DCC.

We are going to go a step further.... A Quantum Leap further.

Our History

We started out, like all ideas, in a Garage.

25 Years ago, our founder began a career in the software industry, developing early web technologies like...we're ashamed to admit.... the Popup. Yep. that concept was developed in part by our founder, and she has never lived it down.

Officially, Our Parent Company Braindonors Networks, started in 1999, as a consulting firm and local IT MSP that specialized in helping companies understand the impact of Y2k on their systems and software, as well as providing remediation services for them.

Braindonors Networks has evolved in the intervening two decades, and while following it's core mission: Helping People and Businesses interact with the digital world, its founder, has always had a passion for Rail and Modeling.

Our founder, Christine Alifrangis has had a long career, and has several patents for Fraud and Data Analysis. Her passion for software and technology


Precision Matters

We ensure that every order is precise and accurate before leaving the door, and have the highest customer satisfaction rate in the industry.

Our technology ensures that our inventory is always up to date across all platforms.