Extended outage and absence

Due to unforseen circumstances, we have been offline for the month of September, we are slowly recovering from a flood at our primary location and will resume shipping orders today; and should have all past-due orders out as of today's shipping cycle.

This issue was in large part due to the heavy flooding in our area, and an earthquake which knocked over a shelf into the flooded area of our warehouse, this damaged all of the equipment in our warehouse, including all of our shipping boxes and much of our inventory. Coupled with an issue at our hosting provider, we were completely paralyzed and unable to get anything resolved. This event is what is referred to as a golden BB.

We are now returning to an operational state and will be catching up on our other platforms as well today.

Please bear with us while we work through these issues.

Orders that cannot be completed due to damaged items, partial fills or other issues have been refunded.

Some of the water damaged boxes that we were able to rescue that had no damage to their contents will be shortly up for sale, as C and D level quality stock; These items will be heavily discounted.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding.

Christine Alifrangis

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